My Strategicon/Gateway 2015 Demo Schedule

LogoHorizHello, friends!

I will be back in Los Angeles again this coming Labor Day weekend to attend the Strategicon/Gateway Convention.  Of course I will have PARENTHOOD with me for direct sales, but I’m also going to be involved in a few other activities as well.

The OFFICIAL, scheduled demo time for PARENTHOOD is late on Saturday night: 10pm on until 2 am (zoinks!).  But on the bright side, all the potential visitors should be done with their heavy-duty competitive gaming by that point, so hopefully we’ll get a lot of traffic before people hit the sack for the night.  I’m also going to be there earlier in the day, so I’ll probably set up shop in Open Gaming until my table opens up in Board Game HQ.  You can watch our Twitter feed, @parenthoodgame, for live updates.

On Sunday at 7pm, I’ll be doing a “board game 101” (short, singular demo) for TOKAIDO.  So if you’ve read my review of it (or not) and you’re interested, try to pre-register for this one, since we’re only doing one round, and that’s a max of 5 people.

Afterwards, at 8pm, I’ll be representing another Breaking Games title, THE AMBERDEN AFFAIR, and it’ll be another 4-hour block of demos for that.  We’re also going to have a bunch of Breaking Games “swag” and promotional stuff at the table, so stop by and get some!

So please spread the word to anyone else you might know who’s planning on attending Gateway, and I’ll look forward to gaming with you in Los Angeles!


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