My Strategicon/Orccon 2016 Demo Schedule

LogoHorizHello, friends!

I will be back in Los Angeles again this coming Valentine’s/Presidents’ Day weekend to attend the Strategicon/Orccon Convention.  Please come by my table(s) and play some games!  Here’s the schedule:


All day Saturday I’ll be demoing PARENTHOOD and SANS ALLIES.  I’ll be down in Open Gaming the entire time—keep your eyes peeled for the PAST GO BANNER.  I’ll have copies of Parenthood for sale ($20).  I’m also going to have a very LIMITED NUMBER of Print-N-Play copies of Sans Allies already printed and cut.  I’ll be giving these away as promotional copies to anyone who wants to help with playtesting and development leading up to our Kickstarter campaign… or to anyone who just really loves the game and asks to have a copy. 🙂


Most of Sunday you’ll find me in Board Game Headquarters GMing some of my personal favorites for anyone who wants to get in on them:

As you can see, I’ll be starting off heavy, then getting lighter as the day goes on, finishing up with some beer-and-pretzels gaming for you drunkards night owls on Sunday night.  So come on out and find me, and bring your gaming friends with you.


Post your comments here.

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