First Impressions: Sans Allies

Page West of the Bored?Games! blog gives his first impressions of our upcoming title, Sans Alliés. Please read and share!

Bored?Games & Co!

Hello faithful readers! Welcome to another review! This weeks game is a solitaire game from Past Go Games, called Sans Allies. I was sent a preview copy to play and give an opinion on, so let’s see what I think shall we.

How It’s Played

This is a solitaire game that sees you drawing your army from a production deck, and using said army to combat against the enemy in their territories in front of you. The territories of the enemy are set up into a pyramid, with the enemy capital at the peak of the pyramid. Your goal is to battle your way through the enemy land, and take down its capital before they complete their ultimate weapon via technology upgrades. The aspects of the game include your technology upgrades, enemy technology upgrades, freeing POW from prison camps, as well as changing of the seasons. You have five types…

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