Sans Alliés Update of July 4, 2016

Greetings, Allies! And happy Independence Day to our U.S. Allies!

Well, we’ve been completely immobilized for a month or more now, but I’m happy to report to you that we appear to be back on track again. In the interim, our ally Alvin Helms has gone MIA, so I’ve had to make other arrangements for our rules layout. (Alvin, if you’re reading me, come in! Come in, Alvin!)

In more dire news, the thing crisis that has been setting us back the most has had to do with our artist, Justin’s, father. Justin gave permission for me to let you know that his dad has been very ill with heart troubles, and it has been very touch-and-go for a while. Even last weekend, Justin and his siblings had flown back to Arkansas to visit with their dad, and they honestly were not sure if that might not be the last time. Current news is their dad is stabilizing and will have to undergo some heart surgery for an internal defibrillator, but as of now the old bugger should be with us yet awhile longer. I want to thank you personally for all the patience and compassion you have shown in this, and I know Justin was relieved when I was able to tell him with confidence, “Don’t worry about it; we’ll take care of the customers, and they understand.” It’s been a terrible month or more for him and his family, but he is feeling good right now, and excited to resume the project.

All of this has disrupted our projected timeline a bit, to say the least. After speaking with Justin on how much longer he thinks he’ll need to wrap up the artwork, here’s what we’re looking at:

timeline revised

Keeping a little bit of cushion in there, it looks like November will be the arrival time for the project. The bad news is it’s basically two months behind what we had originally hoped, and there’s still more unknowns we have to face when we get to printing and shipping. The good news is, if we stay on track from here on out, we’ll still have delivery in time for Christmas. *fingers crossed*

In more good news, as I stated that Justin is eager to get back to this project and is feverishly working into each night, we have some new art to show you. Our concentration has been the rest of the iconography on the chits and getting both the “look” and the “functionality” to a good place. Some elements may still be subject to change, but here’s what we’re looking at so far:

chits update

Most of this I’m very happy with. The only thing that wasn’t sitting quite right with me was the defense level icon (the castle). This one just seemed too bulky, and, as I had said to Justin, it looks more like a buoy than a castle tower. I’m expecting to see seals sunbathing on that big fat floatable base. LOL Anyway, it was as late as last night around 10:30pm that he and I were texting back and forth and toying with some variations. We wanted to keep it simple and clean to avoid clutter, but wanted to make sure it didn’t end up looking like a salt shaker or a Dalek!

castle comparison

I’m happiest with the third iteration, and it’s most likely the one that will stay. One wonderful side-effect of this whole process was that Justin expanded his lexicon to now include the words Dalek and embrasures, so it was a learning experience all the way around!

Given that tonight is the 4th, and Justin will be getting little sleep anyway on account of the fireworks detonations all around his house, his plan is to move forward with the card faces next. Perhaps the “bombs bursting in air” will help put him in the right frame of mind…

Thank you once again for being so kind and patient while we struggled through this unexpected lull. I am very sorry that it has taken so long to get anywhere, but as you can see, it was a matter of the highest importance, and we on this side of the project are just as anxious as you–if not more so–to see this thing through. As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them or to contact me through Until next time, enjoy your family, and treat every goodbye like it might be the last one.

Namaste and happy gaming,


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