From Cinephilia to Agoraphobia

An excerpt:

We went to see Dr. Strange this weekend, and originally this week’s article was going to be one of my standard movie reviews. But my experience in the theater corrupted that. Don’t get me wrong: the movie was great. (Honestly: were you expecting anything else?) So yeah–there’s my “review.” 4-stars for sure. Maybe even all 5, because the movie was definitely philosophical, and not only that, but right up my alley with all the eastern wisdom coursing through it. The only thing I can really say against the film is that it is quite philosophical. So much so that it tends to be heavy with dialog and thought-provoking scenes, while a little light on the action. Definitely one of Marvel’s headier movies, and maybe won’t prove to be a favorite for the kiddos. But I loved it. It wasn’t the movie that was the problem. It was the theater, the patrons, and what seems to be happening to the very culture of movie-going these days…


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